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An around-the-world quest to ride with nature and try to protect it



Join the boat

A global sailing quest in search of

wild blue adventures,

uncrowded waves to surf,

pristine reefs to freedive,

perfect playgrounds

for kite, wing & foil, and

a deeper connection with nature.



The oceans need our help

and the expedition is a unique platform

for environmental storytelling.

It's part of our mission to create

and share original multimedia

to advocate for the protection of
marine and coastal environments.



Explore our in-house designs!
Organic t-shirts, the Water People cap, and beach bag.

Plastic-free packaging.

100% of profit goes to

the Protect initiative.

Perfect for salty souls!

Get to know the permanent crew members and founders of the Water People Expedition:

WaterPeople-1b copy_edited.jpg

Passionate and driven adventurer! Anything is possible (with a spreadsheet). Skipper, filmmaker, divemaster, and zoologist. Happiest in empty head high waves! Click here for more about his film work.

WaterPeople-1a copy.jpg

An ocean lover through and through! First mate, filmmaker, photographer, illustrator and designer. When she's not on mission duty you can follow the sound of laughter and find her riding her longboard. Follow her on instagram.

Read more about their sailing journey before the Water People Expedition.

Join the expedition

100% of profit from the shop is used to create original multimedia storytelling to advocate for the protection of marine and coastal environments. Learn more

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