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Refund / Return Policy


It's really important to us that you're happy with the process and that you love our unique products! However, our storefront is managed from aboard the expedition vessel which, from time to time, can slow our communications. Generally, you'll hear back from us very quickly.

We are proud to say that all of our print designs are created in-house (or in-ship!), but the fulfilment of the order is completed by a land-based third party so that you can have the goods as quickly as possible. We can't offer refunds if the clothing size isn't a good fit for you, so please refer to the sizing chart on the product page before making your purchase.

We trust our distribution network but if your product were to not arrive, arrive damaged or be the wrong item then please let us know and we will resolve this as soon as possible.

Expedition crew contributions

We absolutely want to make your experience with the Water People Expedition one of your best memories. As you can imagine, running a non-commercial, contribution-based model for a round-the-world sailing expedition is highly complex and sustaining it means that we need to rely on crew contributing according to the placements they have chosen.

If the Expedition or your crew placement is cancelled for any reason caused by us or external factors and if we cannot offer a suitable alternative arrangement then you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel your crew place 1 month or more prior to your arrival then you will be sent a full refund minus the deposit. Refunds not given if you cancel within 1 month of your placement, for no-shows, or during or after your placement. Any funds withheld are used for the maintenance and running cost of the boat for the period you were allocated.


We're ecstatic to have this kind of support for the Protect initiative, so we want you to feel good about it. If you've made a donation by mistake or entered the wrong amount then please let us know as soon as possible. A refund is guaranteed if requested within 5 working days of making the payment.

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