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The oceans need our help,

and the expedition is a unique platform

for environmental storytelling.

It's our mission to create

and share original multimedia
to advocate for the protection of
marine and coastal environments.

Why Protect?

Nothing like the ocean evokes such a primal sense of freedom and profound connection to the raw power of nature. From majestic whales to jaw-dropping waves and colourful coral reefs. It pulls you in like a magnetic force, inviting you to dive into a wild ride of wonders.

The ocean is crucial for the planet as it regulates the climate, produces oxygen, and absorbs carbon dioxide. It supports a vast array of ecosystems, providing habitat for marine life and sustaining biodiversity. Additionally, the ocean plays a vital role in the global water cycle and serves as a significant source of food and livelihood for millions of people worldwide. 

What we do

In today's interconnected world, storytelling through film and multimedia holds immense power in raising awareness about the critical challenges faced by our oceans. 


It can enable us to shed light on issues such as overfishing, plastic pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change, fostering a deeper understanding of the urgent need for conservation and sustainable practices. 


Through compelling visuals, emotive narratives, and immersive experiences we intend to inspire action, spark meaningful dialogue, and mobilise individuals and communities towards safeguarding the future of our precious marine ecosystems.

Learning to Live from the Sea
Watch our first Protect film now!

Get Involved

Adventure with the rest of the crew, help document key stories, bring your ideas to the table.

And your crew contribution helps cover the running costs of the expedition which is the platform for the Protect campaign.

We need to raise funds to support the important storytelling we're undertaking for the Protect initiative. Researching and organising shoots, travelling to locations, buying hard drives and equipment, video editing — a donation goes a long way to help.

100% of profit from the shop goes to our Protect campaign to help create original multimedia storytelling to advocate for the protection of marine and coastal environments.

Wearing a Water People t-shirt or cap helps spread the word and helps make a success of the initiative.

Become a title sponsor, partner or gear provider.
Or get involved as a Foundation, Charity or grant provider.
Or collab as an individual. Perhaps you're a water athlete? Conservationist? Influencer? Scientist?

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