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Join the Expedition

An around-the-world quest to ride with nature and try to protect it.

Sailing, surfing, freediving,

kite, wing, foil, and sharing

important ocean stories.







Read through the FAQ




The Boat, Aloha Kai

The expedition vessel, a Lagoon 380 catamaran, is called ALOHA KAI (which means 'Love of the Sea' in Hawaiian). She's ocean-going, self-sufficient with solar power, equipped with high-speed satellite internet, and offers the comfort of a floating apartment on the sea.

The Crew & You!

If you join the boat for a few weeks you'll be in the company of Captain Tim and First Mate Mitchelle who have 10+ years of combined cruising experience. You'll be part of a crew who are excited to share life and adventure on the water. Read the FAQ for more about what's involved.



Launching the boat to the water and starting the expedition is going to be pretty darn exciting! This is a great time to join if you want to be connected to the project at the outset and sail with us between various beautiful Greek anchorages.  

Launch  April

May  Greece

Sicily, Sardinia & Corsica  June

The Ionian Islands offer an exciting playground for sailing, kiteboarding, and freediving. Turquoise waters, rugged cliffs and hidden caves, Greek culture, and of course feta and halloumi. It's the perfect place to find our groove for the expedition without needing to cover big distances.

These wild islands of Italy and France have some truly incredible spots for flat water kiteboarding and no shortage of freedive opportunities. The expedition picks up it's speed as we cover more miles in-between the treasures we find along the way. 

July  Balearics

Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera  each with their own distinct atmosphere. The culmination is sandy beaches, protected spots, and great freediving with swim-throughs and hidden caves. Luckily for us the best way to kitesurf the islands at this time of year is by boat due to restrictions for those launching from shore.

The boat is already full July 21 until August 13.

Balearics to Canaries  (mid) August - 

We'll navigate the Gibraltar strait and then make the 600 nautical mile offshore journey to the Canary Islands. Fast downwind sailing, fishing, and volcanic wonders await.

(mid) Sep - Nov  Canary Islands

Exposed to Atlantic swells and the trade winds, these islands are a waterperson's paradise! Surfing and kiting can be special, and the marine life makes the diving yet another reason to be here. Expect bigger species including whales, dolphins, sharks and rays.

Extended itinerary details coming soon

 Cape Verde

Caribbean  2025

South Pacific  May-Oct 2026

Indian Ocean 


Indonesia & SE Asia


Note: When you fill out the application form you can express your interest in a particular leg of the expedition or you can select multiple! If you decide to join the boat we'll coordinate with you to plan where to meet you and when.


  • Is it a yacht charter?
    No, it is not. There is no commercial aspect to the expedition voyage itself. You will be joining as part of the crew and there are no paid staff. The yacht is operated privately for pleasure by Captain Tim and First Mate Mitch.
  • Who is the Expedition suited to?
    “Planet Earth is incredible, and life is short! The Water People Expedition is about seizing the moment — passionately exploring, riding, and protecting the oceans and coastlines of the world.” If that resonates with you then you're a great fit!
  • What experience level is required?
    No sailing experience required. The core crew are capable of sailing the vessel independently but you will be required to share boat duties as part of the team. No surfing/kiting experience is required to join the expedition but doing those activities from the boat will require you to be already competent unless you are accompanied by an instructor. For some legs of the expedition we will give preference to those suited to the activities offered by a particular region.
  • What is it like to be a crew member?
    You can typically expect to be one of 3-6 people onboard. Atmosphere is adventurous and happy. The boat is spacious, clean, and with a mix of shared and private spaces. Sailing is led by the permanent crew, Tim and Mitch, but all crew will be taught the boat and play an active role in journeys. The crew pursues a shared goal of finding moments to ride and flow with the elements. Depending on the location and weather this could be chasing waves for surfing, spots for kiting, reefs to freedive, or we might even a go for a sporty sail. When Mother Nature or the boat say "No" then other activities can include hikes, swims and relaxing on the boat. The Captain's word is final on weather and safety related decisions. Sometimes you'll want to just kick back and chill on the boat... and that's fine! We'll be very much living with the elements and surrounded by nature, and of course we want to protect this place which gives us so much. In each expedition region we'll typically explore a story from the place we visit or the people we meet. We'll be documenting this through various multimedia forms and sharing through our Protect initiative. You can choose to participate in this or to relax on your own speed. During your time aboard the boat it will be our shared home and we'll take care of it together. Things like cooking and cleaning are rotated between all crew. This is 'slow travel' and we discover the places together. Most crew are recommended to stay for about 3 weeks (or more). This allows time to live on the boat, a chance to score some rides, to get your sailing dialled and to get the most out of the experience.
  • Should I bring my own gear?
    Yes. There will be some water toys on the boat but better to bring your own stuff. Boards, wetsuits, kites, harnesses, mask, fins... bring them!
  • Is it safe?
    Captain Tim and First Mate Mitch are experienced ocean sailors and keep the boat well-equipped and well-maintained. Any activity, particularly a sport in the ocean, will carry a risk of injury or worse. The boat is equipped with medicines, first aid equipment, and satellite communications. You must carry insurance which includes repatriation.
  • How much does it cost?
    We share the expenses of running the expedition between the people onboard. If you have an idea of how long you would like to join for then send us an email and we can confirm the cost.
  • How can I apply?
    Complete the application form linked at the bottom of the page.


Ready to join?

Planet Earth is incredible, and life is short! Let's seize the moment together!
Application is free and just takes just a few minutes.

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