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The *NEW* expedition boat!

It's been our dream to move to a bigger boat so that we can invite you aboard with us, and we are excited to say that we've just bought Aloha Kai, a Lagoon catamaran! The name means 'Love of the sea' in Hawaiian 🌺 🌊

It marks the moment where we transition from Sailing Beyond Borders to the Water People Expedition. If you're passionate about adventuring in the ocean and eager to protect it then we invite you to join us!

As well as you, we will play host to water athletes, conservationists, and communicators and create a unique interactive global expedition. We'll be starting in Greece in April on a journey that will take us around the world.

Make sure you're following on social to get the latest updates from the boat.


Get Involved

Adventure with the rest of the crew, help document key stories, bring your ideas to the table.

And your crew contribution helps cover the running costs of the expedition which is the platform for the Protect campaign.

We need to raise funds to support the important storytelling we're undertaking for the Protect initiative. Researching and organising shoots, travelling to locations, buying hard drives and equipment, video editing — a donation goes a long way to help.

100% of profit from the shop goes to our Protect campaign to help create original multimedia storytelling to advocate for the protection of marine and coastal environments.

Wearing a Water People t-shirt or cap helps spread the word and helps make a success of the initiative.

Become a title sponsor, partner or gear provider.
Or get involved as a Foundation, Charity or grant provider.
Or collab as an individual. Perhaps you're a water athlete? Conservationist? Influencer? Scientist?

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